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                              vcdmount - mount ISO file as a firtual CD drive

                              vcdmount [-m] [-u]

                              vcdmount is a utility to mount an ISO image as a virtual CD drive under

                              It is similar to Windows programs such as Nero ImageDrive, but is
                              compatible with most POSIX systems.

                              When given the name of an existing image file, vcdmount will mount it
                              as a virtual cd to /media/vcd. For example, to mount an image called
                               image.iso, one would type:

                              vcdmount -m image.iso

                              Similarly, to unmount an image, one would type:

                              vcdmount -u

                              Images mounted with vcdmount are read only and cannot be edited.



                                    Mounts an ISO image as a virtual CD.


                                    Unmounts a mounted ISO image.


                                    Displays the vcdmount usage.

Taken from the vcdmount man pages.